WELCOME TO RVC Clubhouse Kids Online!

Thanks for checking us out! Thanks for checking us out! We have designed this page to be a resource to enhance your family’s spiritual life during this time AND provide encouragement and equipping to parents, the primary spiritual leaders of their children.

Clubhouse Jr. Resources (ages 3-5)

Utilize the resources below to engage your littles in learning God’s Word in a meaningful way this week!

Remembering & Celebrating God's Righteousness

Family Discussion Guide

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Clubhouse Jr. Worship


This Little Light of Mine

Clubhouse Kids Elementary Resources:

Lead your elementary students to engage their faith in Jesus more meaningfully!

Remembering & Celebrating God's Righteousness

Remember Verse


The Blessing


Family Discussion Guide

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Conversation Guides

(Preschool Age Parents)

Crisis Parent Guide - Preschool.PNG

(Elementary Age Parents)

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Clubhouse Worship

This Is Amazing Grace

This Little Light of Mine

SOAP Bible Plan for the Week

SOAP is an acronym meant to guide students as they read the Bible

S=Read the Scripture
O=Observe what is being said;
A=Apply it to your should this affect your Actions?


What is your Favorite Bible Story about Jesus?

What is one way you want to be more like Jesus?

Draw or write about how Jesus has changed your life?

Take time to remember the things that God has spoken to you the past weeks. Share those things with your parents.

Who is someone you want to share Jesus with?

What is something you love about your church?

SMART Prayers

Help your kids grow in their prayer life, especially in this season with using the SMART acronym